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Hollis Weber

I grew up in the country in Eastern Iowa. When not helping with the family construction business, I would be out fishing the banks of the Wapsipinicon at my grandparent's cabin near Stone City.

I started hunting in high school and began playing with black powder muzzyleloaders then. My passion at that time was bowhunting, but picking up the front stuffer to go out with the older guys was always something I looked forward to.

I hunted through undergraduate college in Northeastern Iowa and was introduced to rifles and precision shooting when I moved to Laramie, Wyoming for grad school. Since I couldn't afford anything too nice, I stole my dad's early 1970's .243 and taught myself how to reload.

Upon moving back to Iowa I stumbled into smokeless muzzleloaders by mistake and "had" to have one. I had one built and realized how accurate and fun to shoot they can be. Everyone I showed and explained it to wanted one. hmmm...

After a few years of growing into a desk jockey, I realized that wasn't the life for me. I cleaned up my dads 1971 Clausing Colchester lathe and through books, internet forums, youtube and lots of trial and error, taught myself how to operate the lathe proficiently. As I was phasing out of my current desk job, I started doing contract work for another smokeless builder in the evenings, then 1 day a week, and eventually made the switch to full time. After almost 3 years of this, I started taking my own customers and that leads us to today. And, if you read all that, I commend you.

Center Punch USA Founder CEO and Owner, Hollis Weber.
Center Punch USA Founder CEO and Owner, Hollis Weber.


I am OCD and extremely attentive on everything I do on the muzzleloaders I put out. From machining to bedding, I use techniques that are used in building world class accurate rifles and spare no time on a build to cut corners. Spending an hour here or there that wasn't figured on the quote, but is the right way to do it, is how I operate. For most customers, their smokeless becomes the most accurate gun they own.


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What My Clients are saying.

Highly recommend this smokeless muzzleloader builder. Incredible attention to detail and a wealth of knowledge that will help you determine the perfect build for you!

Hollis is super knowledgeable and his craftsmanship is outstanding, excellent customer service. Does fantastic work, and I highly recommend him.

Hollis's attention to detail Is second to none! consistently putting guns out that shoot 1/4 Moa and a great guy that will go out of his way to help you in any way. highly recommend him for your smokeless needs!