Currently booked for 2022/2023 and accepting 2 more builds for 2024. If time allows there will be muzzleloaders listed on this site for purchase.

Custom Smokeless Muzzleloaders

Work I am taking - Only taking full builds or Rem700 UML conversions. Full builds based on 700ML or Rem700/clone actions, which I can supply. I prefer to use certain Rem700 or clone actions for ease of build (cost) and parts availability.

Accuracy - Velocity - Ease Of Use

Why Smokeless?

ACCURACY - By doing away with the sabot and sizing the bullet to your barrel these muzzleloaders are inherently accurate.

The muzzleloaders I build are guaranteed 0.5 moa (1/2") at 100 yards and most are quite better, usually in the 1/4-3/8" range.


VELOCITY - Typical velocities from smokeless muzzys are 2800 - 3100 fps. Much greater than the speeds produced by blackpowder guns.


EASE OF USE - By using smokeless (rifle) powder, the need to clean between shots and before storage is non-existent. You can literally shoot all year without cleaning. Granted, some maintenance is needed, but nothing compared to blackpowder.


What My Clients are saying.

Highly recommend this smokeless muzzleloader builder. Incredible attention to detail and a wealth of knowledge that will help you determine the perfect build for you!

Hollis is super knowledgeable and his craftsmanship is outstanding, excellent customer service. Does fantastic work, and I highly recommend him.

Hollis's attention to detail Is second to none! consistently putting guns out that shoot 1/4 Moa and a great guy that will go out of his way to help you in any way. highly recommend him for your smokeless needs!